Producing a record is one issue.
Distributing your musical recording is a bigger issue.
Managing talent is critical. Managing success is demanding.
This all takes teamwork, energy, communication and most of all: honesty and commitment, not to mention the funding.
Are you lone musician looking to produce a memorable song, a band thats been playing 'in the garage' for the last ten years or a talented group playing venues with recordings?
Big Books Productions a DIY talented production team of experienced professionals that avoids the heavy influence of the major corporations. With dedicated experience we work within the system - not against it. BBP's will expose your natural musical skills and talents. This team has a great positive attitude, no pre-judgement and will deliver to you, an honest up front answer to the question: Do you have what it takes?
Do you want mass audiences to experience your talents?
There are six profiles listed on Big Books Productions. Music industry professionals representing and crossing all genres with a valuable historic record, including a current substantial list of musical success and accomplishments. A team that is totally committed to The Love of Music®.
Big Books Productions (BBP) mission is to work with you, and for you, to help you realize and accomplish your musical goals. Inclusive - any genre, no attitude - just teamwork.